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One and Two Player Card Games1 & 2 Player Games - Single player games to improve your skills and strategies, and 2 player versions to invite a friend to play, or maybe find another player online. One and two player card games for a range of ages.

One player card games are gathered here. These card games are played just by you, many of them are skill, strategy games and they are also unique games.

No image Card Macth: Click the card to change the one(s) next to it, they always change in the same order. Match all 5 cards and you win.

Card throwing (Click to enlarge)
Card Throwing: See how many cards you can throw into your hat and a specified time limit.

Castle of cards (Click to enlarge)
Castle of Cards: Use strategy and the luck of the draw to build your own Castle of Cards! You can progress through exciting levels or just play for fun in practice mode. With five unique decks to choose from, you can customize the game to your own liking. But watch out for the Joker! He will wipe out your progress with a single turn of the deck!

Flip wit it (Click to enlarge)
Flip with It: Simple to learn, a blast to master, this is a strategic card game you'll flip for! Play all your cards from the five decks at the bottom to the three stacks above without running out of time or moves. Keep the cards flipping and watch your score go through the roof!

Intercasino hat game (Click to enlarge)
Intercasino Hat Game: Another card throwing game, but this one is very realistic, you need to throw cards in a hat on a Blackjack table.

Poker pop (Click to enlarge)
Poker Pop: Globe-hopping tile-matching fun! IE browser recommended. [More Family Card Games]

Speed (Click to enlarge)
Speed: Speed is a card game that uses a single deck of cards for you to compete against the computer. Get your cards to the common area more quickly than your computer opponent. The higher the level the faster the computer competition. The action is intense and you will need split second timing to master this one!

Tic tac royale (Click to enlarge)
Tic-Tac Royale: Escape to a new world as you climb from Steerage to Captain's Class playing addictive one player card games of poker, 21 and also dice aboard the S.S. Tic-A-Tac Royale. [Poker Card Games] | [21 Card Games]

SolitaireSolitaire - It's one of the most played card games in the world, and there are lots of variants of Solitaire, check many of them here, tons of card games to play online, and download.

Video PokerVideo Poker - Video Poker is so called because usually one player plays against a machine which displays the player's cards on a screen. The player places a stake and is dealt five cards from a standard 52-card pack...

One Player Card Games available for download or play online. Unique Games!

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free.

Card Games for Free - Download one player card games. Also read about the many variations of several card games, such as Solitaire and Poker.

Free Downloads - Free card games downloads. Sharewares and Freewares.

Brothersoft - Card games downloads, many types of one player card games.

Iphone Games - Play free Solitaire and others card games straight on your Iphone. Nothing to download.

123 Free Download - Huge list of card game, some of them are one player card games.

Special Selections

5 realms of cards (Click to enlarge)
5 realms of cards

5 Realms of Cards: Explore over 70 fun filled levels to help a young princess named Jokerine restore peace and beauty in card realms and learn a secret. Journey through addictive one player card games, playing fun and enjoy! 60 minutes trial.

Lucky streak poker (Click to enlarge)

Lucky Streak: Casino style video poker with a fun twist: Lucky Streaks that improve your odds! Get on a Lucky Streak by getting three or more "Lucky Cards" and you'll be drawing great poker hands! Keep your eye on the Luckometer and try to make the most of your streak!

Jazzy graphics, Vegas-style music and low system requirements mean Lucky Streak Poker runs great on virtually any computer! [More Video Poker Card Games]

Site written by Edoardo Salazar