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Card GamesCard Games - Play tons of card games, either online or by download, addictive games such as Poker, Blackjack, Hearts, Spades, Solitaire, Rummy, Cribbage, trading card games. Also check out the rules for some of them.

It's played differently from region to region, and even within regions. There is a whole set of dealing, playing and scoring variations. Check several Euchre versions, some of them entirely free!

This gard game is played differently from region to region and even within regions (The main regions are North America in one side, UK, Australia and New Zeland, in other side). There is a whole set of dealing, playing and scoring variations. We tried to cover most of them on Euchre Rules, although at the right you have some useful links with more information about the variations of playing this game across regions.

Championship euchre pro (Click to enlarge)
Championship Euchre Pro Card Game for Windows 6.38: March to victory with this mid-West favorite! Learn basic play and strategy in a tutorial. Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo and replay. Master your game using detailed history and statistics.


No image College Euchre: An exciting 1-4 player card game with Free Online Lobby and 100 dynamic levels of computer play. This product features easy bidding and card play, full scoring and a tutorial mode. You can even have the computer play a card for you. Save a game and play it later. Join a game in progress or start your own table. Use the Table designer to choose from 75 different textures, colors and decks. Play against the computer or via the Internet, a LAN or modem. There's even a built in scoreboard, chat window, and great music and sound.

Check here Free Euchre Card Games

Coolhandyuke (Click to enlarge)
Cool Hand Yuke: Many popular rules supported including card deck sizes of 24-32 cards, Canadian rules, the Joker (a.k.a. "Benny"), Defend Alone, No Trump, etc. Configure your partner's playing style. Create your own players and card decks or download some of the many available at the author's web site.

Euchreandecarte (Click to enlarge)
Euchre and Ecarte by MeggieSoft Games 2008: This is a comprehensive implementation of these two popular card games, two-player version. Play against an online opponent or against your computer. This game has a rich user interface and many customizable graphic, sound (including MIDI music and speech output), rule and scoring options. Six different computer opponent skill levels are available for when you are unable to get online, or just want to practice privately.

Euchre palm
Euchre for Palm or Pocket PC: Discover world-class card playing action anytime, anywhere, on any device! Simple to learn, yet challenging to master, Championship Euchre Pro offers a fun and exciting gaming experience for casual and hardcore fans alike. Now you can challenge a playful computer champions, engage your friends over a local network, or compete in a free global Internet lobby. Play at your desk or on-the-go using GPRS, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies.

Version for PalmOS | Version for Pocket PC

No image Euchre USA: Version 3.2.1 is the latest Windows version of this DOS card game, originally released in 1996. The look and feel of the old game is there, but in a Windows version with many new features!

Realdeal (Click to enlarge)
The Real Deal: With The Real Deal, hours of entertainment are in the cards. Choose from your favorite card games, including Euchre, Hearts, Spades, Pinochle, Cribbage and five others. Over 1,000 16-bit digitized phrases and 400 MB of graphics, music and sound are in the complete CD version, which also features multiplayer network/modem support. The fully-playable demo includes three of the 10 games and four of the 12 computer opponents.

Bid euchre (Click to enlarge)
Scott's Double Deck Bid: This version allows you to play bid euchre anytime you want. The computer supplies you with a partner and two crafty opponents. If you have never played this game before don't worry this it is easy to learn. If you are an experienced player you'll find this game a challenge to master. You need to submit a form in order to be able to download this game.

Euchre RulesEuchre Rules - Euchre rules: this is a trick-taking card game, most commonly played with four people in two partnerships with a deck of 24 standard playing cards. It is closely related to the French game Écarté.

Free EuchreFree Euchre - Check for free Euchre games, all card games listed here are 100% absolutely free, play Euchre card game free with some versions available for download.

Play Euchre OnlineEuchre Online - Play Euchre online with this list of Euchre games available to play online, many of them free, and there is nothing to download, also links with more card games, rules, how to play Euchre and more.

Play Euchre online or download several versions of this card games.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Pogo Games - Play this card game on Internet, also Hearts, Spades and other multiplayer card games.

Euchrelinks - This Internet site not only suggest you some places to play online, but also have resources on how to play it, and upcoming live tournaments.

Free Downloads Center - Card games downloads, check for this card game, also Hearts, Spades, Bridge and many others.

Euchre Wize - Personal Internet site with plenty of information about this card game, rules, strategies, tournaments, books, clubs and more.

Pagat - Rules, British and North America variations, dealing, making trumps, playing, strategies, links to online or downloadable card games.

Special Selections

3deuchre deluxe (Click to enlarge)

3D Euchre Deluxe: Play with dozens of colorful computer opponents or online against real people from around the globe. This game makes it as simple as a few clicks of the mouse! With novice and advanced skill settings, support for all the most popular variations, and built-in rules to help you learn, (or re-learn), the games you'll be a card shark in no time. Location is key. Pick your favorite setting, from the deck of a yacht, to a scary haunted house! For Windows & Mac OS X.

Hardwood euchre (Click to enlarge)

Hardwood Euchre: Salvation from boring card games is here! This Hardwood game is an addicting game with gorgeous graphics and an alluring mystique that makes every other card game hard to look at. Grab your friends and play online, meet new people or just play by yourself. You will find 31 wonderful fantasy characters to play as and against. You owe it to yourself to try this game!

Jacks rule in this fantastic partnership card game. Whether you play online or on your own, you'll have more fun than you can shake a frozen gnome at! For Windows & Mac OS X.


Tams11 euchre (Click to enlarge)

Tams11 Euchre: Four player version of this popular game. Game include chat, computer players, and tally list. You can play this game online against others using the Tams11 Lobby or play solo against computer players. The game is free but you need to download the Tams11 lobby in order to play online with real people, a free trial of Tams Lobby is here.

Euchre (Click to enlarge)
Euchre Card Game

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